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A Dynamic DB (american football) that hits hard, runs fast, and cleans heavy. This type of athlete normally should never have his balls busted in practice or he will go rambo. However, outside of practice this athlete has one of the nicest personalities known to man.
Damn the dude is a (rizzi), did you see the way he covered that receiver!!!!!
by VSP August 10, 2010
transportation: car, bus, scooter, motorcycle, bike, anything that you use to get you where you need to go.
Yea, I just bought me a new rizzi
by Landy February 05, 2004
rizzi is a fucking queerbag who goes to my school he sux other guys cocks and then brags about it. wat a fag. just the other day he said i sucked 30 cocks today im pimpin. no ur not hobag.
like i said before hes a queerbag and hobag and gets male friends buy sucking their cocks fuckin disgusting.
by matt February 17, 2005

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