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literally: to rip a new asshole
figuratively: the beat the shit out of somebody
steve jobs really ripped me a new one when i showed him my latest design
by supersa November 12, 2006
Literal expression means to tear someone a new butt-hole, figuratively means to verbally or physical abuse or criticize someone thoroughly so that they feel destroyed.
I made a joke about her butt looking big, and she ripped me a new one.
by Hancockked June 02, 2010
From the Latin derivative, Rippitus Aholus, Literally: "Ripping one a new A**Hole"
ie; When she found out I cheated on that test, she "ripped me a new one"
by Wallach May 22, 2008
A phrase meaning to shout, scream, or try to convince someone from anger.
She ripped me a new one when she found out it was me who took her face.
by Minister May 27, 2005