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Sexual term (n) To Ringwald (v); To randomly have sex with a persons face without looking, therefore establishing constant yet thrusting falic contact with the forehead, nose, cheeks, eye sockets and most obviously, the mouth.
Named after the famed, talented, and 80s hip-chick; Molly Ringwald.
"she was a virgin, so a Ringwald seemed like a good idea to break the ice"
by LondonR January 04, 2010
A girl who is super lame, a girl who wants to fit in with people but doesnt she usually wears hand me downs or generic brands and spends most her time wishing she was popular ,rich and pretty but is really none of the above. In general a geek who doesnt really realize she's a geek and actually quite obnoxiously weird
Mary: Why does that girl keep staring at us from down the hall

Mellany: Umm hello! she's a Ringwald! she just wishes she was us she's pathetic!poor girl!
by mjanett March 18, 2010
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