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A frequently occurring phenomenon now that real songs are often used with cellular phones, taking the place of the antiquated "ringing" sound.

Ringtone-itis occurs when a favorite song is chosen to be someone's ringtone, but after months of hearing it when receiving a call, that person cannot stand to hear the song anywhere (on the radio, iPod, CD). A once-beloved song is now taboo. And the worst part is, you did it to yourself.
You- "Dude, I LOVE "Heartless" by Kanye! I'm so gonna make that my ringtone!"

4 months later.........

You again- "Dude, if I hear that song one more time I am going to punch someone in the face, I am that enraged by my once-beloved song."

A wise friend- "Sounds like a case of Ringtone-itis to me. The cure? Change your ringtone, man."

(And the sick cycle begins again)
by UrbaneScholar June 04, 2009
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