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Drumer for the famous band "The Beatles", Has an oddly large nose that stands out.
"Ringo was the greatest drummer in my opinion"
by Bexeh! January 08, 2004
The drummer for the Beatles, which was the most influential band of all time. Everybody tries taking cheap shots at him because he didn't write too many songs during his tenure, and didn't play super-fast. Little do they know that he was the first Beatle to make a #1 hit in post-Beatle work. Truly underrated as a musician.
Eric Clapton once said he doesn't think any of us can play drums like Ringo Starr did in A Day in the Life.
by An Anon May 17, 2009
The guy who put the Beat in the Beatles and is COMPLETELY underrated.
Loser: Ringo Starr? Who's that?
Me: Only the greatest drummer in the history of modern music.
by Pencil Case For The World December 31, 2009
1/4 of the Beatles because his contributions to the Beatles' music is just as significant as the other 3. He was not a songwriter, he was a drummer not chosen by an accident since he was the best drummer in Liverpool.
Man, listen how Ringo Starr bangs those tom-toms in "A Day in the Life". Can't imagine anyone else who plays like that.
by Lennon F. December 14, 2006
The drummer for the 60s/early 70s band The Beatles. Gets a whole lotta crap because he was the only nonsuccessful post-Beatles musician. The most amazing cult/ hipster figure EVER.
Hipster: I love Ringo Starr. He made The Beatles.
Prep: No. It was all John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Hipster:your lameness depresses me.
by newyorknewyork15 November 15, 2009
A large nose with a short liverpudlian on the end and everyones 5th favourite Beatle.

He was also a bluddy good drummer...
“ Ringo can sniff crack with only one nostril!” - John Lennon on Ringo Starr
by Andrew Lennon Shepard June 04, 2011
The drummer of the Beatles who is considered to be the Scottie Pippen of the music business.
Without John, Paul, and George, Ringo Starr wouldn't be as successful.

Without Mike, Scottie wouldn't be as successful.
by fadetoblack... January 10, 2009
Slang for one whose own accomplishments are exaggerated as a result of a strong supporting cast. Originates from Ringo Starr, an above average drummer who is more famous than most of the greatest drummers in history because he worked in a band with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.
Person #1: John Salley was sure a great NBA player. Look at how many championships he won!
Person #2: But he wasn't that big of a contributer. He was a Ringo Starr.
by JohnJF February 17, 2008