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A pair of closet homosexuals who, despite being lovers, are both straight acting - often to the point of behaving like Gangsters to try and bamboozle people.

(Goodfellas/Ringfellows - you see what they did there?)
Person 1: Wow, Mark and Jason look like tough mofos - I'd better not even think of calling them gay.
Person 2: They're clearly just a pair of ringfellows.
#closet #homosexuals #gay #straight-acting #gangster
by Lord_Skippington October 20, 2010
A gay pole-dancing pub located in London Town, ran by long-haired wrinkleton Peter Ringfellow
Sorry Paul, I won't be able to join you for a spot of cribbage, Mark and I are heading off to Ringfellows with lined wallets.
#stringfellows #ring fellows #pole dancing #lap-dancing #lap dance
by Gwlad October 04, 2010
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