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A ring of hair around one's penis, about half-way up the shaft.
Guy 1:"Hey, does anyone else have a ring of hair round their penis?"
Guy 2:"You mean a ring of death?"
Guy 1:"I dunno."
Guy 2:"Give us a look. *shows penis* Yep that's a ring of death."
Guy 1:"Well do any of you have it?"
Guy 2:"No dude, no one else has that, you should get it checked out."
by Duplolad January 12, 2013
The red circle that appears around your Xbox 360 when it has loose cables or brakes down. The number of lines indicate the problem.
Person 1: Shit man, I was playing my 360, when the ring of death came up, now it's fucked.

Person 2: Yeah, I heard about that, that's fucked.
by AJD07 August 23, 2007
Not to be confused with Red Ring of Death, which is when an Xbox 360 console receives an error, and shows three of the four lights glowing red.

The Ring of Death, however, can mean many things; but in gaming terms (which is most often used) refers to when a video game disc receives a laser burn that revolves around the disk, which is parallel to the hole in the middle. It is very difficult to remove this and often results in the disc being thrown away.
Aw Damn it! I got the ring of death on my call of duty MW3 disc! Shit! Fuck! *Throws away*
by Ilisten2Metal June 15, 2014
A.K.A. A man's wedding band

These are usually placed on a man that for some reason feels that he would like to have his freedom takin from him.
Dustin: "Hey Jon, you want to go out with us tonight?"

Jon: "Naw man, I can't!" (Holding up his left hand)

Dustin: "Aw, I see! The Ring of Death has taken control and got you by your balls!"
by Devious Tuning February 12, 2009

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