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The most amazing girl in the world. She is kind, loving, awesome, funny, smart, and everything else you look for in a girl. Also really hot and beautiful n great in bed ;)Great to have as a girlfriend, and later on a wife. Goes well with a Mitchell or Daniel.
Um, Catey duh.
#funny #sexy #amazing #pretty #book
by uandibaby May 24, 2011
That girl you thought was churchy but she does stuff.
"She wouldn't drink."

"dude yeah shes Catey."
#hot #sexy #possibly fat #does stuff #dude.
by matth69 October 26, 2011
A huge tongue, long enough to stick halfway up your nose. Useful when your hands are busy, and your nose is full ;).
"Dude, I can't pick my nose!"

"You have a Catey, use it."
#ham #catey #pothead #meez #lol
by HAVE MY BABIES. July 02, 2009
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