One who in an effort for the best rimjob possible will do anything to please the asshole with His/Her tongue that they can.
I heard that Connor was trying to use chocolate to make Arkansas' ass taste better because he has started to lose his taste for dingleberries.
by Jimmy Carter October 09, 2003
Top Definition
The reverse of the shocker. 1 in the pink 2 in the stink. Pointer in the pink, ring and pink in the stink.
Gave my girl a rim rocker last night and she farted on my pinkie.
by Sheesh man March 17, 2010
A turd that is large enough in length and/or width to tear the skin of your ass hole. Bleeding may occur, however it is usually not profuse. After you have experienced a Rim Rocker, the inner fibers of your ass may feel like they are dangling helplessly and may take hours to repair itself.
"Good God Henry," said I, "that steaming brick of meat that you planted into our lavatory is comparable to the Great Wall of China." But it was too late, Harry had died from blood loss.
by Kool aid April 11, 2005
When consuming marijuana, one may load a very large amount of the drug into what is called a 'bowl'. If properly inserted, the marijuana should be as packed in as possible(allowing airflow) and be close to over flowing. This is a wonderful thing for a person to do especially if smoking out another fellow stoner.
M - "Whats up mayne"
A- "Chillin' fool, where you at?"
M - "At Q-Tipz loadin a bowl in the new bong azz ole
A - "What?! New bong?! Lemme come over and rip that shit, I'll load two fatass rim rockers.."
M - "Hurry the fuck up!"
by TokeHead5000 str8 from az 623 August 11, 2009
A powerful basketball player that usually has meetings with the rim.
Dayum bro LeBron is a Rim Rocker!
by ComebackKid August 06, 2008
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