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When you go to the shitter after waiting a lifetime for a dump. The dump is so large, your opening tears causing you to squeel in agony as tears run down your face.
"Man! That was one Hell of a Rim Ripper!"
by Mr Plutonium July 05, 2009
When i was 13 i had my first 'Rim Ripper'... i had partied the night before, and nobody wants to take a shit in sum1 elses house at a party.. so i held it in all night. and next morning i didn't have to go till a lil while in the after noon.. all the fucking alchohal from the party had dehydrated my system so when i shit it was just a huge baseball sized chunk of concrete shit.. of course it had to come out.. and of course.. it was a 'Rim Ripper'.. in short a Rim Ripper is when ur shit is so big your anus bleeds
1) man i just had the biggest rim ripper i can even walk

2) either my girlfirend forgot her tampons or she had a rim ripper cuz these panties are Crimson!
by Scott Wiltshire August 27, 2005