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The international side of gayness
All of the Backstreet Boys have their right ear pierced, and enjoy backdooring eachother.
by Mike J August 22, 2003
7 12
conservative, heartless, lacking compassion
He's so far to the right he makes Walmart look like the Salvation Army.
by Jay Roach December 30, 2005
8 14
Code name for girl who sits to the right (not left) of Cundari. Used so she would not know when one is talking about her, particularly her incredible sexiness.
Hot Monica. If her and cundari were to switch she would still be known as right.
by Daniel Livi November 25, 2004
3 10
Mike is right... like usual
Sarah was wrong, Mike was right. Thus the world was correct.
by Mike November 24, 2003
0 7
opposite of wrong u dumbass
"That's right!"
by WAHOO! April 27, 2003
8 15
Synonyms- not left, correct, intelligence
Antinyms- left, wrong, stupidity
The ancient peoples considered right(direction) correct and civilized, leaving left to be incorrect and uncivilized. hence the term right, meaning correct. this idea apparantly stil exists
by Drew January 21, 2005
4 12
dam skippy nigga,used mainly by skaters blacks and a few asain too, often by police in drug raids
When i hid the weed from the cop,i exersized my rights.
by DerekStahl May 05, 2008
7 19