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Experiencing the joy of a 3D virtual environment.
He put on his Oculus Rift® and with laughter and smiles started rifting through the 3D model of the home he had designed.
by Mr. Singleton January 03, 2016
taking dro hits from a bong
yea, me and my bro were rifting last night....
by jroballin May 04, 2007
Burping brought on by consuming gas producing foods such as chili dogs.
If they eat those chili dogs, they'll be rifting all the way home.
by t'aint 1971 August 04, 2006
To play the game Rift.
Friend: Hey, wanna go hit up some bars tonight?
Me: Nah man, I'm busy.
Friend: Don't tell me you're still Rifting!
Me: It's important, I have to test my new soul combination in Codex before switching to the modified melee dps combo.
Friend: You Rifters are hopeless!
by Fakelife February 01, 2011
A style of racing which involves sliding or driving on two of four wheels. (tipped to one side)
Johnny was rifting so tight last night on Main he almost flipped!
by Re Demon August 01, 2006

tense setting Rift, Rifted, Rifting, Rifter, Rifty

The object is obviously proven to insite creativity and productivity in order to better complete an objective

make it up as one is going along

fly by the seat of your pants

off the cuff

no notice give to intiatied action or thought
previously considerd insane idea or bad idea
more over considerd a last resort tactic
Now were just rifting!
Now we make it up as we go along

He rifted his way though that song.

Well i guess were pretty much rifting now arn't we boys!
by Orion Stars August 30, 2010
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