Phrase commonly used and originated in an area in Barbados known as "Central" along with other areas.This phrase is used to identify girls who seem...ghetto,bashy,wutless,easyskanky,slutty or like a scabbical(see meaning) etc.
Orlando:boi girls in here aint giving me a break ye acting posh!!
Philip:you right ye...a riff raff wud surley sort we out!!!!
by PValentine October 25, 2010
Top Definition
Un-savory people in our society. People you do not want to be associated with.
Ex. If this was America it would be a gated community in order to keep all the riff-raff out.

Ex. Look at all the riff-raff over there.
by Jay_in_Ottawa July 04, 2006
Unworthy plebeians who lack the elegance and civility to mingle in high society.
Refined gentlemen sit above the juvenile tomfoolery of the riff-raff.
by dtk™ October 29, 2008
A male or female who has no motivation whatsoever. They do not work, mooch off of people and are totally content in doing so. They would much rather just hang out all day long, and are content with how things are and don't ever plan on making things better, even if it can help them in relationships.
When deciding whether or not to get a job,Jake,the riff raff decided he would much rather just hang out and do nothing for the day.
by Good Golly May 22, 2009
White rapper who is "hotter than a old thelma and louise sweater"
Riff-Raff "Diamonds cause head on collisions, ruined the transmission on your brand new prescription"
by Tluvifyourenasty July 10, 2011
A negative term for people that lack social grace, education or that have minority status.
The new housing that's going up is driving out the riff raff.

I enjoy the Midwest because of it's low amount of riff raff.
by Barrando October 10, 2011
Trouble makers, or more than likely people out for a good time
Don't let the Riffraff in.
by Lilraff April 16, 2009
"Faithful Handyman"

Enjoys walks around the castle, harassing creations with fire, The Time Warp, and incest
Janet: You killed them!
Magenta: But I thought you liked them. They liked you.
by Mistress Columbia July 21, 2003
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