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Based off of Latin spelling, though not Latin in orgin. Ridiculum is a measure of how ridiculous something is.
That party had so much ridiculum!
by LeCapitaine December 11, 2012
1 0
A series of ridiculous events, usually occuring within a short period of time.
We partied last weekend, and with all the antics, I can only describe it as pure ridiculum
by Sean Palmer September 17, 2006
10 0
Completely ridiculous
"Man that shit is completely ridiculum to the fact, biznatch."
by Megan March 19, 2003
7 1
Noun form of ridiculous.
Man, you should have come to that party... we got into all kinds of ridiculum.
by tookeet July 20, 2008
5 0
The practice of doing something ridiculous on purpose just to be a screw ball.
Her name is ridiculum, much the same as yours as they relate to my life implicitly.
by PoisonousIvy August 18, 2011
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