The practice of doing something ridiculous on purpose just to be a screw ball.
Her name is ridiculum, much the same as yours as they relate to my life implicitly.
by poisonIvy August 18, 2011
Top Definition
A series of ridiculous events, usually occuring within a short period of time.
We partied last weekend, and with all the antics, I can only describe it as pure ridiculum
by Sean Palmer September 17, 2006
Noun form of ridiculous.
Man, you should have come to that party... we got into all kinds of ridiculum.
by tookeet July 20, 2008
Completely ridiculous
"Man that shit is completely ridiculum to the fact, biznatch."
by Megan March 19, 2003
Based off of Latin spelling, though not Latin in orgin. Ridiculum is a measure of how ridiculous something is.
That party had so much ridiculum!
by LeCapitaine December 11, 2012
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