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pure metal, straight up your ass.
too bad metallica sucks now, they used to be soo goooood.
the metalligod that failed
sad but true
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
Alternate Definition: A slang phrase used by police to refer to the use of a Taser against an individual.
If you ever hear a police officer ask if you want to "Ride the Lightning," you'd better start cooperating.
by John Calvin December 24, 2007
A harsher alternative meaning for "go with the flow."

Going with the flow implies just going with whatever happens.

Since lightning is so fast, deadly, etc., "riding the lightning" denotes a "fuck it all" mentality in which the person is so fed up, that they ultimately concede and just adapt or let themselves go to arbitrary circumstance, no matter how austere or violent it may be.
Cleon: "I can't take this shit no more..."
Kerwin: "Aww, fuck it then. Just go with flow, ride the lightning..."
by cleon24769 April 23, 2008
To do anything crazy, creative, spontaneous, or original. Also awesome T-shirt brand that has the best t-shirts, that if worn correctly will make the user an aphrodisiac to all opposite sex.
Johnny wanted to ride the lightning, so he backfliped off the cliff to his death.
by Slinky Jim March 06, 2012
The process of shoving your dick in an electric fence, causeing the shock to make you jizz. A.K.A. Fence Fucking
Yo, my nigga had to ride the lightning, because I dared him. lol
by Bill Engvald Packston November 20, 2009
to get drunk on moonshine or "white lightning"
Them boys finished that batch last night, time to ride the lightning.
by jimmy5 April 18, 2008
Quite the album. Except for one song, all of them are quality. The exception is Fight Fire With Fire. Ya. In my opinion tied for Metallica's second best album with the black album, and behind Master of Puppets. However, It has my two fave Metallica songs being Fade to Black and For Whom the Bell Tolls. But all of the songs are amazin, you just never listen to them. The title song is amazin.
Flash before my eyes, now its time to die!
--Ride the Lightning (the title song)
by METAL HEALTH! November 17, 2005