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A very overpriced and unsatisfying shit that comes in a variety of different hardnesses. It is a well known shit in the musical world that may be the very embodiment of shit.
Bro 1: Dooood, I had this terrible Rico Reed this morning. It was bloody and everything!
Bro 2: Woah ,bro, I hate it when that happens! Rico Reeds are the worst.
Bro 1: No kidding, dood. They sound like dying whales and they taste even worse than my girlfriend's period blood.

Band Director: I'm selling Rico Reeds for $3 per piece! Come get them while they're hot!
Band Student: dq9-23th1qfg. You're selling Ricos? I would rather buy real shit than that disgusting filth that passes for a reed. We want Vandorens!
Band Director: :C
by Nue September 18, 2013

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