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A fucking chickenshit facist. Believes the government should interfere with every aspect of every citizen's personal lives in order to shape the Country to relfect his-and only his-personal views, which would basically mean making it mandatory for all U.S. citizens to become practicing Christians. Was also the first major name in the 2012 Presidential Campaign to propose a ban on Porn-which the Supreme Court would've obviously declared unconstitutional (unless he appointed only his fellow Conservative Bible thumpers).
Rick Santorum hates freedom. Plain and simple.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 27, 2012
After intercourse, the man wipes his member covered in Santorum with his hand and asks "What did the hand say to the face?" Before his partner can reply, he smacks them across the face with his Santorum-covered hand.
I promptly wiped my cock after fucking my girl friend in the ass and asked in a sweet tone "What did the hand say to the face?" and quickly slapped her before she could answer.

I'm Rick Santorum bitch!
by Rick-James January 07, 2012
An organized bullying of someone whose opinions differ from another person’s. It most typically involves attaching a derogatory meaning to that person’s name.
ex 1
Broccoli Farmer 1: “Did you hear John Doe say he doesn’t like broccoli??”

Broccoli Farmer 2: “I already Rick Santorumed him. Haha. Google ‘John Doe’!”

Broccoli Farmer 1: “ ‘The oniony salsa vomit that comes up after you’ve overdone it at the cock fights.’ Hahaha I love it. Tell everyone to Google ‘John Doe’!!”

ex 2
“I’m for Gay Rights. John Doe’s views offend me.”

“We should get everyone to Rick Santorum him! Come up with a sick definition for ‘John Doe’ and we’ll spread the word!”

“Uh, no. I’m not 14. If Gay Bashing is bullying, and wrong, and childish, then look in the mirror and know that you’re no better than the worst of THEM. You’re no better, and so why do I give a damn about what you FEEL? Go away and leave the discussion to the grown ups.”
by StopBullying January 22, 2012
A former Pennsylvania senator running in the republican presidential primary who is currently under attack from vicious, immature, despicable internet haters because of some legitimate political positions he holds regarding conservatism.
Rick Santorum is a presidential candidate whose beliefs about America represent more than half of the population.
by Brian001 February 15, 2012