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British tank officer. Known for his theoretical work on manouevre warfare and expertise on russian langauge. Wrote many books about Sovjet manouevre theory. Translated works from M.N Tukhachevskij and parts from Field Manual 36 (PU-36) in his book Deep Battle.
Person 1. "According to Richard Simpkin soviet manouevre warfare consists of a turning force which interacts with holding force who simultanously engage the enemy over his entire depth and break down his defences".
Person 2. "Im not shitting you man. You will NEVER EVER get laid."
by Hamza April 06, 2006
My good mate Rich, he loves AFI and if u steal any of his AFI things he'll scream at you, you should know better, tsk. A great funny guy that enjoys taking disco piss's.
P1: Who is that guy wearing black and an AFI t-shirt dancing and flicking the lights as he takes a piss?
P2: Ahhh that would be Rich Simpkin, and its called a disco piss, tsk you should know these things
A male residing in Bath, UK who loves AFI and Lara (and Stani.. but not in a gay way)
Ooh look it's a guy wearing an AFI shirt, baggy black trousers singing AFI sings and occasionally turning round to pull his girlfriend... must be Richard Simpkin then
by Richard Simpkin January 05, 2004
All around crazed AFI (and Tool, and HIM, and Type O Negative... but erm... mostly AFI) fan, a guy I talk to everyday but have only met once... and an Anime Vending Machine.
Theres a random guy in black shouting "woo Cradle Of Filth!" to random guys in hoodies outside The Link. Oh... its Rich. Explains alot.
by Joanna Powell January 11, 2004
verb. to eat a chicken bone and a granola bar at the same time, whilst shouting 'yum yum' 'chew chew chewy' and 'tell all your friends'
by Tom Staniforth April 14, 2004
The funniest, deepest person I have ever met. The person I love, adore and cherish.
He laughs therefore I laugh, therefore I love.
by Lara Roberts January 08, 2004
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