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(n.)to miss an open net in football
man: Van Persie did a torres at yesterday match
friend: Yes, but at least he scored another chance
by hamza February 11, 2013
British tank officer. Known for his theoretical work on manouevre warfare and expertise on russian langauge. Wrote many books about Sovjet manouevre theory. Translated works from M.N Tukhachevskij and parts from Field Manual 36 (PU-36) in his book Deep Battle.
Person 1. "According to Richard Simpkin soviet manouevre warfare consists of a turning force which interacts with holding force who simultanously engage the enemy over his entire depth and break down his defences".
Person 2. "Im not shitting you man. You will NEVER EVER get laid."
by Hamza April 06, 2006

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