a very tall man, who knows when he finds love and will stop at nothing to get it. the nickname "dick" enrages him and will probably punch you in the arm if you call him that. he enjoys the company of his friends and will gladly change his schedule for them.
person: "Hey, Richard!"
richard: "What?"
person: "Can you change this light bulb?"
richard: "Fine!"
by n0obl0r January 21, 2009
Word for a mans penis. When a mans name is Richard, he is commonly referred to as "Dick".
"Oh fuck, my Richard hurts."
by TehHonors February 14, 2015
Handsome tall man. Athletic. Often makes dumb mistakes, but makes up for them after. Very passionate, and great in bed! Can make any girl fall head over heels for him. Can be a loyal boyfriend when he wants to be and has a great sense of humor. Sometimes acts coldhearted or heartless when he's hurt so you shouldn't take anything that he says into consideration when he's mad. And he'll always have you running back to him.
Mary: Why are you so in love with him? You're obsessed!
Samara: Cause he's Richard!
by JohnSmithhhh January 04, 2015
1. Short form for Dick
2. Commonly used name
That is a huge Richard!
by BROTATOESARECOOL217 February 18, 2015
A noun that translates its' namesake, dick.
I have to go somewhere, you have been a total richard all day and I can't take it any longer.

dick asshole
by TheBigCanucklehead March 14, 2015
sulfit or weird
Richard was such a sulfit today.
by annabethyyy101 March 03, 2015
A big tall possibly hairy man. Usually likes to walk around with no shoes and unclipped toenails until he makes someone do it. His height allows him to pee really loud, especially when drunk. Which he normally is a lot and loves it. Dick is another name for this species, which is peculiar since they usually have big dongs. Richards are known to eat pounds of food a day and not gain any weight, and sometimes even lose weight from this. They are pretty fun and outgoing people, and like to sit around playing video games or the guitar until they get a girlfriend. They are always on time, and very loyal companions.
"Hey, look over there! Its a Richard"

"Lets go make friends with it."
by Danni Panda Bear March 08, 2009

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