Name of a male person. A person known to be gullible and gives his belonging without hesitation.
The girl liked his suitor for being a Richard as she got the coveted iPhone for free just by asking.
by jamieyown August 04, 2013
To bitch constantly and/or to act as an ass hole at all times.
Stop being such a richards.
by travis87 February 17, 2007
shockingly comical undersized phallus well below the lower bound of average

to otherwise LIE in the extreme
"richard!! is that all you got? I'm gonna use the vibrator instead, good night"
"richard!!" is a common expression of loathing and mockery pre-coitus aborting coitus

"richard!! stop fucking spamming UD with your BULLSHIT DICK claims"
by ZT 0599 June 15, 2013
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