Revolutionary Imperium of Caligula- the rightful masters of all that is The SF at WJU
Yes Yes master, we will do the will of the R.I.C.!!
by Grotius Antilius Caligula November 09, 2003
Top Definition
An amazing friend who will do anything for his fellow friends. He is a big smile and loves to crack jokes. He is generally smart but acts silly around the people whom he trusts. He is usually handsome, and all the girls go gaga over him. It is hard for him to open up to people at first but once he does, you won't regret it. He is very loving and caring, and always will be there to listen to you. He is not the type of guy who is disloyal, dishonest nor fake. He stands by his word and never breaks a promise.
Girl: " Hey, do you still have that red envelope that I gave you?"

Guy: " Yeah, of course. I promised i would keep it."

Girl: " You are such a Ric."
by JTVP February 07, 2011
An acronym for Racial Identity Crisis.
Look at that damn RIC trying to act black again.
by Tha TRU RIC January 03, 2006
The "Ratchet Invisible Cloak": Good girls suddenly driven bad by the "Gas Pedal" song at a ratchet house party.
"Damn, I thought Lacie was a good girl!"

"Me too man, I guess with that patrón and "Talk Dirty" playin- she's got her RIC on. Turn up!"
by ColeWils January 26, 2014
An abbreviation for the city Richmond, Virginia, based on its airport code, which is RIC. Less commonly used among citizens, former citizens, or friends of citizens than "RVA."
Facebook status: "It's good to be back in RIC!"
Reply: "Coming back to the RIC this weekend too man!"

Reply 2: "Why are we talking so formally on facebook, guys?"
by RVAhustla August 18, 2010
Ratio induced creeper syndrome. The result of being in an environment for too long where the ratio of males to females is so unbalanced, the males lose social abilities/tact. They in turn become 'creepers,' particularly when addressing/interacting with/looking at females.
Almost any male engineer you've ever met.

Girl to friend: "That kid who always stares at me from the corner in class just approached me and asked me to LARP tonight. When I said no thanks he just kept standing there and staring...must be a case of RICS."
by Henry Pal January 19, 2012
Rapid Intervention Crew, or Rapid Intervention Team. A team or crew of atleast 2 firefighters who are kept at an incident scene as a reserve incase a firefighter gets trapped or lost in a dangerous enviorment. The RIC crew is the life line of the firefighters inside an incident building.
No firefighter should enter a building alone or without a RIC crew in place.
by BGthefirefighter January 15, 2008
Abbreviation for Rhode Island College, a shitty little college in Providence that doesn't give two shits about its students.
I got accepted into RIC for the fall semester.
by Pwny McPwnerson February 08, 2005
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