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The act of performing oral sex on a women from behind by which your tongue enters her pussy while your nose jabs her cornhole, this also works in the prone position and the tongue enters the corhhole while your nose jabs her pussy
" I bent that naughty bitch over and gave her the rhino of her life"
by RhinoMaster October 08, 2008
When you shove your book (corner first) into a person's ass while they walk infront of you.
Dude, I totally gave Emma a rhino while we were walking up the stairs.
by Ears at a school December 08, 2008
When you steal your mom's or your g/f's Dildo(It's funnier if it's a floppy one that resembles a penis), You then strap said dildo to your forehead and go running down the street chanting " LOOK AT ME, I'M A FUCKING RHINO!!!!! "
Rhino is my nickname cause I like to stick a dildo to my forehead and go charging around...
by X-Cel June 16, 2008
The act of fingering a woman using index and middle finger in the pussy and the pinky finger in the ass.

The term gets this name due to the outstretched fingers having a similar shape to a rhino's horns.

This term is also more commonly known as the shocker.
I spread her legs and charged in with the Rhino!
by juffowup September 19, 2007
A person with a fat stomach, almost pregnant looking
hey rhino, run a few laps then we'll talk.
by AlannaAffliction May 16, 2007
A record label that specializes in reissuing previously released recordings.
Rhino Records has put out compilations of music ranging from comedy artists to the Doors.
by Bradley Olson November 02, 2004
A person you believe to be the coolest dude alive.
How cool is that rhino? I want to have his babies.
by Pamela November 12, 2003
To be a moron. To be devoid of intelligence. To think urbandictionary.com is a good source to look up the word ricer with.
My god what a Rhino.
by -Nw-Woogie November 28, 2003