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Rheostatics, known to fans as The Rheos, are a Canadian Rock band who kick so ass so hard your unborn children will feel it. Founding members include Martin Tielli, Dave Bidini, Tim Vesely, and Dave Clark (who left after Introducing Happiness to create the dinner is ruined}. He was Replaced by Don Kerr. In 1996 The Tragically Hip invited the Rheos to open for them during the Trouble at the Henhouse tour. Their sound is so freakin' weird it's hard not to like these guys, Go pick up Whale Music or any of their albums and unleash the power that is the Rheostatics.
If you let your pregnant wife listen to the Rheostatics, the baby will be born a 28 year old man with a 3 foot weiner.
by lil' Guiseppe September 04, 2006

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