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Emo, but cooler. The whole emo style but with colourful retro 60s, 70s, 80s influence.
Her clothes are so rhemo
by jadey_babey March 25, 2005

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A genre of punk. Rhemo has a ‘retro’ cool style and has emo, punk, hard-core, and techno attributes. Rhemo is a music taste and style.

A rhemo style would consist of retro clothing. Punk and emo trends such as plaid, converses, and peg-leg jeans are popular among the rhemo kids. Attitude glasses and sweaters over collared shirts are worn as well. 'Plugs' in the ears and the random lip piercing is popular also.

Rhemo music taste is a mix of Emo, Hardcore, Punk, and the occasional electropop. Anything random and unique catches there eye.
-Look at her style, it's so rhemo

-His music taste varies. I'd say its totally rhemo.
by taylo. March 19, 2005