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A female avatar in a virtual world, played by a real-world male, or to a lesser extent, a straight female, for the purpose of soliciting lesbian cybersex. Comes from combining "rezzed" and "lesbian".
He played a rezbian to satisfy his fantasies; too bad the chick he hooked up with was also a rezbian.
by iKnowWhoYouCyberedLastSummer November 27, 2007
Derogatory term made by a resident of a First Nations native living on a reserve. The word originates from "reserve" and "lesbian", where "Rezbian" would be a lesbian woman living on a reserve.

Also, "Rezbian" can be described as the way Scooby Doo would say "lesbian".
"This reserve has no rezbians."
"Hey, you know how Scooby Doo would say 'lesbian'?"
by Josh Courtoreille May 21, 2007
Rezbian, the opposite of Ghey/Gay. People would use the term "Ghey/Gay" as a way of saying something sucks. I have used the term Rezbian as the say way or using as a name, either way works.
"Dude, that's so rezbian."

"You're so rezbian."
by Annaden April 13, 2010
A red headed lezbian.. A combination of red head and lezbian
Lindsey Lohan is a rezbian
by RonniA January 04, 2009

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