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One whose grasp of the future is consistently and remarkably accurate. (Per personal retrospective review.)
PUNDIT (addressing the mirror): Knew it, knew it, knew it!!Obama-style health care reform will never fly in this country.
MIRROR (silent but reflective) displays PUBLIC OPTION NOW! poster in the background.
URBAN DICTIONARY GATE KEEPER: You must repeat the word revisionary in the example.
PBADDY: But it's redundant. Shame there's no way around it.
by Pbaddy January 23, 2010
The wiping of residual fecal matter from one's anus long after the initial wiping has occured. Usually triggered by the awkward feeling of an undergarment sticking inside the anal crack.
After feeling unclean and seeing a large skid mark in my underpants, I decided it was time for a revisionary. I felt so much better afterwards.
by Tommy Jameson March 18, 2004
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