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When someone washes their hands prior to shitting but not following
Unfortunately I walked into the bathroom of the restaurant and caught the chef pull a reverse osmosis- apparently he didn't want to get my dinner on his asshole but had no problem with the contrary.
by Janet Fupa July 11, 2013
The extremely rare process in which a woman actually loses weight after getting married and or having children…
Wow, she looks better now then she did before having the kids !!! Talk about "Reverse Osmosis", that breastfeeding thing really does a body good !!!
by Sombeach82 June 24, 2010
When a chick performs a reverse cowgirl on you while your in a jacuzzi.
"Woah dude, she did that reverse osmosis on me last night."
by beardedclamm October 25, 2011
When you're driving and the person in front of you is following you
Angel: Dude we've been behind this car for 30 minutes
Ray: Maybe we're getting reverse osmosised bro!
by Fuckassdick122 October 18, 2015
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