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An individual - goth or emo especially - that is evil on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. The reverse of a panda who seems cute but really could scratch your face off.
marylin manson is a reverse panda
by whatevzz November 09, 2008
7 7
The effect of sunglasses on your face around the eyes causing a lighter skin tone in comparison to the rest of you skin.
Since he was wearing his sunglasses, hours in the sun had left timmy with a reverse panda.
by Decker97 June 19, 2009
12 5
The art of the Reverse panda is like the Reverse kanga but different. It is when you do a big watery poo in the flusher so that when somebody else goes to uses the toilet they go to flush and more poo comes out
Lift the lid up do a poo then somebody comes to use the toilet and more poo comes out. That is a reverse panda
by reverses pandoas July 31, 2008
20 16
A car with a different color hood or door.
Your car is all black but the hood is white. Looks like a Reverse Panda.
by fblood July 03, 2009
4 6