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the sweetest girl in all the lands
arjun loves reva more than anyone else in the world!
by zorpidgin January 06, 2005
Pretty but not exactly hot yet still attractive. Smart and a complete and total klutz
Wow she reminds me of a Reva!
by Joelle ;] January 22, 2009
the spanish equivalent of LOL.
Me : Yo, you saw that ugly girl over there?
You: reva! she has the funniest face.
by bigggbootybitches July 08, 2010
androgenous trini/english fruit cakes
Haddaway seems to be on a reva vibes.
by xookie November 08, 2004
Lower stomach; female: below breast and above vagina; male: below pecs and above penis. Comes from the Greek word ravah, which means one with big stomach.
Past-tense of touching the reva.
Reva- Female, Revis- Male
Rubbing of the reva.
Rubbing of the orifice located on the reva(A.K.A- the belly button).
Engaging of sexual motions on the reva.
I touched her reva, and felt her baby kick.
by Bob and Jack October 06, 2004
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