An erect inverted Mike Fiday handstands while another male straddles his taint, while inserting and thrusting their erected members into each designated sphincter; this continues until the act of thrusting results in complete and utter satisfaction... oscillating meat.
"Hey, where is Fiday? I need my daily Reuben!"; "My taint is bleeding from this raw passionate reuben!"
by Taylor McAnderson February 09, 2008
Top Definition
the most irritating person alive, but you somehow feel so unconditionally and irrovacbly in love with him that you can't help but adore him.
A douchebag but you love him, and you just can't help it.
i love you reuben you utter prick.
by reubenlover June 24, 2009
A Reuben is a master of wit at all social gatherings; including, yet not exclusive to birthdays, anniversaries and wakes. Although not considered conventionally attractive a Reuben generally possesses a rugged & deshevelled grace that ensnares young women. He is most mens intellectual superior and loved by all women. Tenacious in all sexual and romantic persuits, a Reuben is an ideal lover. Upon encountering a Reuben it is important to know that his weakness is liquor, breasts and pop music (his strengths lay in devouring all three).
Person A: That was the best conversation, coffee & sex I've ever had. You wouldn't happen to be called Reuben, would you?

Person B nods silently.
by MissMarlane April 06, 2011
777 guy; the guy that's just so unique and isn't disliked by many people because of his creativity, intelligence, sense of humour, wit, refined good looks and general amazing-ness
Did you see that dude over by the door???.... Yeah he's a real Reuben,
by Bornonatuesday December 05, 2010
Usually a guy thats the awesome guy in a party who drinks all the beer in front of everybody whyll they cheer him on, usually wakes up next to chicks the next morning not remembering anything.
Person1: Whyd u sleep with my sister last night

Person2: I was being a reuben
by LOOOOL21212 May 28, 2009
A deli sandwich made with Rye, Swiss cheese, Pastrami, Sauerkraut, and Russian Dressing. One of the best sandwiches to get at diner or authentic Deli.
Customer: I'd like the best sandwich you have please
Waitress: Oh, then that'd be the Reuben
by Joules March 22, 2008
Reuben is a Beautiful Spanish male; one who has an insanely large cock. Every girl wants him, every guy wants to be him. Good at performing and a passion for good music. A truly amazing dude, the best to be around and party with. He looks super hot in anything he puts on (including nothing) and is the best kisser and love maker. Probably the most awesome person ever. Is good at many things, and very original.
Girl: god he is sexy
Girl 2: yeah his names probably reuben
by Hahahahahaahjswoeijos October 23, 2013
A marijuana cigarette, doobie, joint
Mate, good to see you, come in. I was just about to wrap up a reuben.
by uk_stu May 13, 2005
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