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1. One who is skeptical of technological developments until their usefulness and reliability have been proven.
2. One who insists on minimalist equipment that may be user-serviced.
3. Sagacious but irritable expert.
4. A person who prefers natural and/or organic materials over metals and synthetics.
1. He's such a retrogrouch; he's still riding a bike with a Brooks leather saddle and friction gear shifters.

2. That retrogrouch is still using a film camera.

3. If it's not made of wood, it's not a real sailboat, as far as that retrogrouch is concerned.

by macungie September 25, 2008
One who is too stubborn to learn new technology.
That retrogrouch refuses to learn how to e-mail.
by Turnspike February 09, 2003
A really cool liberal blog at www.retrogrouch.net
by Retrogrouch September 29, 2003