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1) To quit working while financially fit. Retirees usually receive pension.

2) To put out (baseball).

3) To go to bed (outdated).
1) He retired from work at age 67.

2) Durazo was retired on a pop-up to Spiezio.

3) It's getting late, so I'm going to retire.
by Phil Errup October 20, 2004
what men do what the die,

and what women do when they get married,
daddy what does retire mean?
by bryan_thrax October 05, 2008
the refreshing act of dissmissing a dumb ass guy who has proven himself a waste of your time. deleting his number,and completley kicking him out of your life in a matter of minuites.
Me-"Wow i didnt know how much of a player patrick was untill he tryed to get with me AND my best friend."

Jackie-"What a cocky loser." "He's Retired"
by LauraKatelyn August 05, 2007
To leave an established Internet forum (usually after getting annoyed with the influx of n00bs) and join a fledgling alternative forum to talk bollocks and moan about life, the universe and everything.
He couldn't stand the n00bs asking which chip is better, so he decided to retire.
by TheBrit March 07, 2005
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