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When you see a girl that has looks way above par. You stop and you're mouth hangs open in a gaping fashion. Causing you to look slightly retarded.
Someones Sister: My boobs bounce!!!

Clint: *drooling* They, Uh, Sure do..
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 01, 2005
describes a person (typically female) that has obvious mental retardation combined with very attractive physical assets, such that the person is yet hotter because of the retardation -- likely because they are very easy to take advantage of

reference -- "Drawn Together", "The Other Cousin" (season one episode 5)
Captain Hero (about Clara's retarded cousin Bleh): Damn! Clara's cousin is so hot! nipples harden

Spanky: Yeah, she's, like, retarded hot!
by Hardryv August 15, 2006
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