A mental state in which one laughs uncontrollably like a retarded hyena.
She went retarated when a Bailey pulled on her arm and she farted in his face.
by ILookLikeAScott March 01, 2007
The word retarated comes from the ancient Greek word fuckingstupidasallhell which the ancient Greeks used to describe the individuals in society that fucked up all the time and had about a .5% chance of doing something right. These individuals were dubbed "retarated" and were shunned from all aspects of civilized society. Oh, and Gators mom sucks donkey balls.
1.dude, look at the dumbshit in the wheelchair hitting himself in the face with a crow bar, that kid is retarated.
2.hey, look whos on counter and orders 90 goddamn cheese pizzas to be thrown in the lobby in empty, shes a goddamned retarad.
3.Gators mom blows
by Jeremy Fuckin Angel-Otte July 02, 2004

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