Suprisingly likable stalker.
Restin stalked Gina for the past 12 months.
by Jesus Bush June 14, 2003
Top Definition
The action of taking a break. A place where you dwell.
I am going to take a break and start restin before we have to move again.

JohnBanit: Where do you live?
SomeGirl: Oh, Im just restin in the Bronx.
by John Bandit October 10, 2005
stalker of Jenn Lisa and Gina f.
Jenn is misunderstood and Gina doesn't know how beautiful she is.
by restin256 July 21, 2003
sheer idiot who knows nothing about linux, C/C++, HTML, or computers in general. Makes himself out to be someone that he really isn't but merely wishes to be. Tells other people that he's this perfect image he makes himself out to be, as well, although he'll never get a job, or fully comprehend QBasic or C++.

Goes by Kinde Restin 2^8 or restin256 online.
Restin is open-minded and a crappy self-critic.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
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