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another squeal that totally strays from the basic plot....okai, the first re movie sucked arse for it was in the spencer mansion but the spencer mansion was not portrayed as an actual mansion but a lab. the first one had no tyrant and no jill, thus theory of the movie straying from the game franchinse itself.....this sequel ofcoarse has to outdo the first movie bringing in a B.O.W for once...and a B.O.W with a more limited vocabulary than paris hilton and lil jon.....and finally has one of the main characters from the actual does have characters with the similar last names as the ashfords in code veronica but is nothing like them....carlos olivera looks too rugged to b the carlos from nemesis and im guessing alice is the new alexia ashford.....they are coming out with a next re movie called extinction with clair redfield...but they do no good for this character...she does not have her trademark vest and her trademark look and seems much older than she should.......that is my opinion of this....if u think this movie was better than the game.....GET BENT MORON
some douche:dood, cant wait for the next re movie, i would say resident evil apocalypse better than the nemesis game...alice is the awesomest

me:douche have you even played nemesis? and no, alice is suppose to b a spawn of claire but the actress for claire left so they made alice instead....jill and claire are by far better characters than alice...and they made jill look shitty
by silent_but_dandy July 20, 2006
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I can't believe how shitty this movie is... It totally screws up the story line of the game! If you want to see a good zombie movie go see Dawn of the Dead .
Loser: RE:A was the best zombie movie ever.
Me & other loyal RE fans: Shut the fuck up you damn n00b!!!
by Masked Zoro February 09, 2005
A lame attempt of a zombie movie. Poor quality. Only " good " parts were parts with the black dude and boobs. Has nothing to do with the game. A waste of money.
My friend who is a moron: I saw Resident Evil Apocalypse today, and it was awesome.
Me: Get a fucking life...
by Super Xero October 04, 2004
Pretty good movie, but i hated the ending. To the poster above, Dawn of the dead had no story line and sucked balls you dumb fuck
Resident Evil Apocalypse was a good movie, but so was shawn of the dead.
by chrisguy February 11, 2005
The sequel to the 2001 Resident Evil movie. One of the Greatest movies, even better than the first R.E.
Hey have you seen that new Resident Evil Apocalypse yet?
by Team LX September 17, 2004

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