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Much like the repugnican except exclusively female, the repuglicunt is a female(ish) right wing ideoligist who believes that corporations should make all the rules and that the individual has no rights except gun ownership and the choice of which christian church to attend. They are often seen worshipping at the idol of Fox News and Capitolism. They sometimes refer to themselves as a 'hockey mom' or a 'momma grizzley' but they are in fact Narcisistic Psychotics bent on forcing their views and beliefs upon the entire world.
1. Repuglicunt, Michelle Bachman, believes that the founding fathers fought the institution of slavery tirelessly until their deaths.

2. My sister is such a republicunt, she wants to restrict a womans right to choose.

3. Sarah Palin is a repugnicunt, half governor from Alaska.

4. Do you remember that repugnicant senatorial candidate that had that campaign commercial starting with the words "I'm not a witch", or the one who suggested voters would resort to "2nd ammendment solutions" if they didn't get their way in an election?
by Pistilwhipped January 28, 2011
10 3
Any member of the party whose males are pussies and whose females are dicks.
Ann Coulter and Rick Santorum sure are a couple of repugnicunt paragons.
by Proud Lefty March 24, 2012
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