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Largely related to Facebook, this individual prefers to report any material (eg pics, movies) it sees as marginally offensive rather than recognizing its intrinsic humor. The result of which is that said material is removed.
Jack: "Dude, my pic has disappeared!"
Jill: "You mean the one of you pissing on a burning lolcat?!?"
Jack: "Yeah"
Jill: "Fucking reportfags!"
by Chuci March 20, 2009
Reportfags are just butthurt little fuckboys who get touched by daddy at night and take their anger out on random people online.

Reportfags usually go through social media and report posts/content to the point where they are removed, even if it is against the rules.

Usually reports pictures that aren't against the rules at all, just to be a dick.
Social media user 1: *posts picture of cat*
Reportfag: *silently reports*
Social media: your picture has been removed for containing nudity, which is against the terms of use.

Social media user 2: Damn reportfags.
by FlyinGiraffe March 30, 2015

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