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While receiving a blow job, the male repeatedly compliments and approves of the female's technique and emphasizes his national pride. The male apologizes for eating an orange and not offering any to the female. Upon cumming, the female recycles the sperm by regurgitating and swallowing once more.
Emmanuel: Kendal, you are doing a wonderful job on my testicles. I want to commend you for your customer service. I appreciate everything you are doing, and will be sending an email about your performance via Reply All. The glorious nation of Mexico shines upon you today! Oh, I am sorry that I did not offer you my orange.

Kendal: That's OK. I think YOUR fruit juice tastes just fine. In fact, I'm going to recycle this and enjoy it again.
by The Dirty Peso March 27, 2009
There is email, there is spam and then there is replyall.
Replyall is internal spam.
Replyall is the slop that fills your inbox from co-workers needing reassurance about their contribution. Replyall is what happens when people don't think about who needs the information they are providing in response to a legitimate question or action.
I had to spend an hour deleting spam and replyall before I could start working this morning.
by Xenofobe March 03, 2005
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