half man, half penis.
Todd is also known as Renus, because is ruled by his abnormally large rod.
by duct tape rapest December 27, 2002
Top Definition
Smart sexy, and killer sense of humour. Renu's are known to be drop dead gorgeous and rock a killer body. Other women wish they were her and men want her.

Renu's tend to have a hard exterior, but once you crack down the wall, they have a very soft, mushy interior....and they are fiercly possesive of their man.

Renu's are all round just plain awesomazing...if you find one.....keep her!!!!!!!

Also sports a wicked rack!!!!! She's all world!
Man....that chick totally hot and cool....duh....of course she is...she's a Renu!!!

damn...I wish I had a Renu
by Pete Parker917 December 06, 2012
a substitution for any word in a common phrase or slogan in order to make it satirical
Renus - it's what's for dinner.
by Kenny February 05, 2003
Replacing any adjective or noun to mean something hilarious.
Man, this room smells like renus.
I hate that guy, he's a renus.
by Brian-Sue October 27, 2003
a contact solution, not something that gives your eye fungus.
Boy 1: Did you get an eye fungus from ReNu?
Boy 2: No, wtf are you talking about? only queers get eye fungus' from contact solutions.
by jace1234 June 27, 2009
Eye product that gives you fungus and you will be permanently blind if you use this, or you will need an corneal transplant.
I have serious irritation and redness in my eye, it is from ReNu.
by Ryan June 29, 2006
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