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When you're good at something, then you go for an extended period of time NOT doing it. You lose your touch, and suck at it again. This is being a renoob.

You can also refer to it as describing someone else renoobed, or renoobified.

According to the definition of noob, the word can also be used as 'renewb' , 'renewbie' and 'renewbified'.
"Man, I used to play pool all the time - but after 7 months of not playing, I've become a renoob."


"He used to be so damn good at Halo, but now he's a renoob!"

"Man, he used to be so good at pool - but now he has renoobified."


"Man, he used to be so good at pool - but now he renoobed."

by nix0nn June 08, 2009
After an extended absence in online gaming, a re-noob is a formerly proficient player who now finds himself making noob-level mistakes.
I haven't played WOW in years! I keep making noob mistakes. I'm a re-noob.
by teeda2 November 18, 2010
a person who is revisiting the noobish days
holy crap man you've gone renoob on us...
by Locke March 24, 2005