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Peace and born again


Renna is a cute, pretty , smart, out going person who is up for anything! ( and Maybe not so modest )

Renna is probably the most awsomest person your'll ever meet!!!!
Renna: I love you

Kristen: Aw your so awesome!

Renna: I know :D
by *cutie* July 08, 2009
Renna is an unusual name. Its not very common. All Rennas are nice but can bitch at times. They like to touch "Kristens'" boobs. They are often heavily attracted to girls named "Kristen" They tend to have a size B-C cup bra. They are very pretty and have a tendency to like males with names that begin with "M". Such as "Mickey."or"Matt". The wild Renna species have big booties and are very quite in public, but don't let that fool you. In their natural habitat they are very loud and animal-like. But Rennas and Kristens get along very well.
Renna: GOd Kristen, you have BIG boobs!"
Kristen: Thanks Renna, so nice of you to recognize!"
Renna" Can i feel them, they look soft!"
Kristen: "..yea okay? "
It is a skater dressed like a goth or mosher and listen's to heavy metal music such as KORN and Slipknot.
"Whoa dude, did you jus' see all them renna's go past then on there bored"
by RobP June 13, 2004
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