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The 'mysterious' member of a 4 girl group who has a habit of being spontanious and very attractive. Associated with the suit hearts. Is not a slut and is loved by everyone.
Girl: Im so jealous of the girl! Shes always such a Renie!
Guy: Ooooo-weee shes shmexy!
by Miya Spade September 21, 2008
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Known for dominating in intimacy or in relationships.
"Man, I enjoy the fact you are a renie each night."


"I want you to be my renie."
by He's Reborn November 07, 2011
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A person who is very passionate about things close to them. Goes about things the humble way and loves sex. They can't live without one thing and can be a player at times but values those who truly put time into them
He has a true Renie personality.
by Jacquees127 March 14, 2017
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