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Renessa is a unique girl's name that apparently no one can ever remember. Is often confused with Vanessas, Janessas, or loch ness.

A sweet girl with great fashion taste, and great taste in music. Very pretty, beautiful and sexy. Someone to definately keep as a best friend or girlfriend. Is very open and lovable.

cheers to renessa.
Guy1: Hey man, what's that hot girl's name again? Renessa..or soemthing?

Guy2: HAHA no, it was Vanessa, or something, go talk to her!!
by Renessa's friend for life June 28, 2009
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A very unique girl's name that is the combination of Vanessa and Reneé. Usually pronounced Reneé-Sa. Not related to Bella and Edward Cullen's daughter in anyway.
Renessa is a very beautiful girl inside and out. She has a very giving personality and is very sweet. She could come of as a bitch when you first meet her if she is uncomfortable or upset. She's a very loyal friend and will be there for you through thick and thin. She has a great sense in fashion and music. She is very intelligent and witty, also very short-tempered at times. But no matter what, when you need someone she will somehow find a way to be there for you. Renessa loves to laugh and hang out with family and friends. You can find her watching netflix, hanging with friends, playing a sport, reading a book or listening to music.
Person 1: Hey, your name is Vanessa right?

Renessa: No, it's Renessa.
by youtookmypseudonym January 02, 2015

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