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Black Cow, usually with a bad temper
The rells ate a lot of grass today
by LilJo89999 July 05, 2010
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Rell- a nigga from Tennessee that plays a white bitch into tattooing his name on her hand and gets her pregnant then leaves her in Louisiana.
That nigga Rell played yo ass

(verb)- his pimp game is Rell
by PimpniggaRell March 06, 2014
Really enjoying loving life.
Really happy with how u are or just simply living your life to the max, so much so that you will be rellin. Please look up rellin for other examples.
-I have the day off work i might just sit around and rell.
- Wat u doing to day? Im just gonna rell around at work i think.
by Tdog. August 06, 2008

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