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When you burp after eating an awesome meal and it tastes good on the way back up.
Ben: Uuuurp! Mmmm, that was relicious.
by Ben Campbell and Kyle Harris October 25, 2006
reLIcious adj relic + religious Ð religiously devoted to relics, to the preservation of the past.

Nothing in contemporary life carries meaning for him. He is a deeply relicious person, not simply nostalgic.

Some people think that Eastern Orthodox spirituality is more relicious than truly religious.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
refreshing and delicious
On a hot summer's day an ice cold beer is relicious
by IvanTheIncredible March 20, 2010
delicious on an ongoing basis, delicious over and over again.
When I have ice cream, it's always relicious.
by morewine July 09, 2009