A common misspelling of the word 'relationship' which is quite obvious (if you're too stupid look it up). Relationshit went on the be adapted into what I'm in right now. This is when three girls are a problem. One who I am completely in love with and am going to go to America to visit only to find out that she has no intention of going out with me even though she is always SERIOUSLY implying it. The second is a phychopath but all the same is my girlfriend. I must respect her and when she flips out on me or anyone else I have to help her. Number three is my 'wife' on a stupid game who I made sure to say "We're not going out with eachother" and she responds "Of course Sean". Then she finds out about the girlfriend and goes insane. I'm a bit fucked as you can see. Will sort it out later on...
1) I love you so much Sean I can't wait 'til I meet someone JUST LIKE YOU *hugs and snuggles*
3) Yeah there's someone I think I like... How could you play me like that!?

I made my feelings towards all three of them very clear!!! What a relationshit!
by Sean Knox October 29, 2006
Top Definition
A relationship with a significant other that has gone sour and both parties are too scared and/or lazy to call it quits.
I'm stuck in a crappy relationshit with Jenny.
by Mojo March 01, 2005
what most couples have or what most "happy relationships" will turn into. a whole lotta b.s. of pain and suffering yet for some odd reason you can't walk away from...
"Sometimes you meet somebody and you have what is known as a relationship and things can go great. If things go great you have a great relationship. Sometimes it doesn't go so great and I call that a relationSHIT!"

-Dane Cook
by chchewy June 22, 2007
a)One person in the failed relationship doesnt want to be there.
b) Both people in the failed relationship don't want to be there
c) One or both of the relation-ers want to decapitate the other member of the relationship.

Thus, it becomes a relationshit.
Often occurs when a significant other steals/lies/cheats/becomes clingier than plastic wrap or you JUST START TO HATE THEM.
Heather: How's your relationship with Tyler?
Rebecca: I hate the way he breathes. I hate the way he eats. I hate the sound he makes when he watches football. I want to hit him with a car the majority of the time i see him.
Heather: You got yourself a relationshit.
by chippednailsxx December 15, 2008
A relationship that's lacking in all properties of your typical relationship and has become shit to deal with and be in.
Originated by Kady not knowing how to type.
'I'm sick and tired of staying with Bob. I'm getting out of this relationshit.'
by Ariana December 14, 2004
When a relationship takes a turn to the dark side
I am glad to be out of that long distance Relationshit
by Dsolo April 30, 2008
A relationship that has gone bad, probably just about to finish; aggrevating, painful and irritating for both participants.
"How long have you been going out now? Six months?"
"Yeah, but man, it's turned into a relationshit..."

"Can I have your number?"
"Look, I dunno...I like you, but I'm in a relationshit....Ah, screw it. You're hot."
by thisisarelationshits January 04, 2010
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