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A relationship that was/is worth nothing. Its not going anywhere. The kind of relationship you wouldn't count as one.
Quaray : "So how are you and Mark doing?"
Tandee :"ughh.......Its such a relationshit!!"
by YaGirlResaa August 01, 2009
A comeback used when someone trys to cut on you peferably for wehn the insult begins with " why".
Damani : "Damn, why you so fat"
Kayla: : " Why you look HIV positive"
Damani: (says nothing)
by YaGirlResaa July 21, 2009
A word a lot of my black friends use in between almost every word. Kind of like the way white ppl say "like"
Nikki : Yo what happ. at the park??
Reesy : Dem niggas dead jumped all dem cause dey dead was talkinn shit and dey dead gawt jumped for dhat. Dead ass. And dey dead desrved it too.
by YaGirlResaa August 01, 2009

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